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Act 10: Ensuring that Wisconsin Taxpayers Get What They Pay For

Act 10 is continuing to prove beneficial to Wisconsinites by reining in out of control overtime costs on both the state and local level. Since the enactment of Act 10, Wisconsin state agencies have collectively saved almost $14 million in employee overtime charges. The effects of Act 10 are also being realized at the local […]

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Act 10 Saves Milwaukee Public Schools Over $100 Million Annually

Act 10 is still working – just ask Milwaukee public schools, which are saving well over $100 million a year and thousands of teaching jobs as a result of Act 10. Act 10, which reined in collective bargaining in Wisconsin, has allowed Milwaukee public school officials to take the necessary action to ensure taxpayer money […]

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Join the It’s Working Tour in Green Bay, Stevens Point, and MORE!

Americans for Prosperity Foundation kicked off the “It’s Working” campaign in Oconomowoc last night to educate Wisconsinites on the great benefits of our budget reforms! It was a tremendous success with activists from all across the state taking part and continuing to support the newfound fiscal freedoms we all enjoy. Monica Crowley, nationally syndicated talk […]

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UPDATE: Act 10 Savings Up to $2.7 Billion!

The Maclver Institute recently released an in-depth analysis of the effect that the legislature passed in 2011 called “Act 10” has had on local and state budgets.The report showed that since the law was passed, our Wisconsin taxpayers have saved $2.7 billion tax dollars! Act 10, which limited collective bargaining for most state employees, was […]

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School Districts, Local Government Save Money Thanks to Act 10

The New York Times recently highlighted Wisconsin’s Act 10 and effects the law has had in the state. As other states consider standing up to public unions, Wisconsin serves as a working success story. Limiting collective bargaining in the state has saved taxpayers billions of dollars, but labor bosses continue to call it “devastating.” Marty Beil, […]

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