Three years in, and It’s still Working!

Since Wisconsin began a bold endeavor to reform our budget in 2011, our residents have enjoyed more than $2 billion in new tax relief. That’s money back in our pockets to support our families and homes.

Better still, school districts all over the state are enjoying more financial flexibility, allowing them to avoid layoffs for good teachers and make investments in the classroom, promising a brighter future for Wisconsin.
This website is committed to providing information about the reforms to Wisconsin taxpayers. Every week, new examples of the reforms successes flood in, so check back often for updates, as Americans for Prosperity chronicles all these stories and more for your convenience.

The other function of this website is to arm you with the real facts, so you can help your friends and neighbors understand why these reforms were and continue to be so crucial.

Before the reforms, Wisconsin’s general fund was hemorrhaging money, and the state faced a $3.6 billion deficit.

Wisconsin had two choices: it could raise taxes on individuals, families and job providers, while continuing to spend crippling amounts of hard earned tax dollars or, it could cut spending and use responsible financial plans to maximize the prosperity of its citizens.

Thankfully, the Wisconsin legislature decided enough was enough, and embarked upon the massive fiscal changes which now impact our lives every day.

As a result of the reforms, a $3.6 billion deficit has finally turned into a surplus; school districts have autonomy to set responsible budgets to ensure the success of their students; and families all over the state have more money in our pockets to spend on what matters to us.

Check out the Newsroom and our policy Blog for the latest updates on these fantastic developments all over the state – we’re detailing the great feedback coming from the local officials who have been able to reduce spending while protecting the vital services that government does provide us.